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Cover - Coniferous Blend - Beard Balm - 2 OZ.


NOTES: Deep evergreen forest.


USE: Made with the finest plant derived ingredients, Cover is a carefully crafted evergreen blend that will have you smelling like you just rolled in fresh cut pine bows. To cover your natural human scent as well as add luster and hold to your beard, scrape a dime-sized amount with nail and melt between hands. Work into beard and skin. 


INSPIRATION: Growing up in Minnesota, you could say that deer hunting is a way of life. One might even call it a “right of passage.”  Anyone who’s put up a stand knows what harsh conditions November can bring, particularly for your face. But what’re you going to do? Reach for some frou-frou lotion that'll tip off every animal in the woods? We hear you. In the old days, hunters would rub fresh conifer needles on their clothing to cover their scent and blend in with the surrounding forest. That’s why Average Bros specifically formulated this first of its kind balm with the dual benefit of simultaneously protecting your face, beard and hands while disguising your natural human scent. We call it Cover- field tested and hunter approved. Now you can stay comfortable, confident and concealed while awaiting your next big buck!


Average Bros. - Find your True North!™

Cover - Coniferous Blend -Beard Balm

SKU: 1006

Our product is designed to melt at body temperature. Please store in a cool, dry place. Should your balm melt or be delivered melted, take these steps to bring back good as new:


1. If just partially melted, carefully use a hair dryer to fully melt the balm.
2. Stir thoroughly with a toothpick making sure ingredients are fully mixed.
3. Put in refrigerator or a cool place for a few hours. 
4. Enjoy your beard balm again!

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