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Sawtooth Mountain Cedar Citrus - Aftershave -  3 FL. OZ. / 89 mL.


NOTES: Rustic Cedar & Zesty Orange


USE: Soothing Aloe Gel-based aftershave balm without the burn and skin drying effects of alcohol-based splashes. For instant alleviation of nicks, cuts and razor burn; absorbs and moisturizes quickly with no residue.


INSPIRATION: The Sawtooth Mountains, bearing names like Oberg, Leveaux, Moose, Murphy and Eagle, stretch some 30 miles along Lake Superior’s North Shore, from Carlton Peak near Tofte, all the way to Grand Marais. Viewed together, they thrust upward from the waters of Gitchi Gummi like the serrated teeth of an enormous blade. This is a land of forests, where in the fall the reds, oranges and yellows of the changing maples make the hills look afire. It is a terrain still wild, cut by ancient rivers, dotted by waterfalls and full of mystery. We invite you to try our soothing aloe gel-based aftershave and get in on one of secrets of the Arrowhead.


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Sawtooth Mountain Cedar Citrus - Aftershave

SKU: 1022

Do not ingest, for external use only. Keep out of reach of children. This product may contain allergens for certain people. Please read ingredients carefully.

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