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The Workshop - Beard Balm - 2 OZ.


NOTES: Rustic Cedar, Aromatic Sandalwood & Fresh Cut Spruce


USE: Made with the finest plant derived ingredients, the workshop is a potent woodsy blend that will have you smelling like you just rolled in fresh-cut sawdust. To add luster and hold to your beard, scrape a dime-sized amount with nail and melt between hands. Work into beard and skin. 


INSPIRATION: I can remember it like it was yesterday, that big ol’mountain of sawdust resting behind the garage as proof of the magic made inside. Walking into Grandpa’s workshop was a place of wonder- smells of fresh cut Northland wood, countless tools, the saw over there, a planer and lathe just past that. With his hands, the master did his work, largely in secret, letting me occasionally play around with a vice and some sandpaper. I think of those times. Today, Grandpa may be gone, but somehow, as if by calling, another set of skilled hands now run the workshop at the end of Evergreen road, and that’s mighty fine by me.


Some scents can transport you places, even those you've never been -- Find Your True North!™, at The Workshop.

The Workshop - Cedar, Sandalwood & Spruce - Beard Balm

SKU: 1004

Our product is designed to melt at body temperature. Please store in a cool, dry place. Should your balm melt or be delivered melted, take these steps to bring back good as new:


1. If just partially melted, carefully use a hair dryer to fully melt the balm.
2. Stir thoroughly with a toothpick making sure ingredients are fully mixed.
3. Put in refrigerator or a cool place for a few hours. 
4. Enjoy your beard balm again!

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